Our Services

We provide a wide range of language services including translation, interpreting, linguitic QA, subtitling, website localisation, language tutoring and Chinese social media marketing.


English-Chinese Translation (both directions)

We offer translation services between English and Simplified Chinese in the following area:

  • Tourism & Travel

  • History & Cultural Heritage

  • Marketing & advertising contents

  • Website localisation

  • Business & Finance

  • Legal documentation

  • Food & Drinks

  • Film & TV

  • Education

  • Agriculture & Chemistry

  • And more…


We provide consecutive interpreting service for business conferences, all kinds of formal events, site touring, delegation visits, training sessions, legal consultations and many more. With years of experience and countless successful assignment accomplished, we can help you tackle the language barrier and build a communication bridge between you and your Chinese clients, guests or partners.

Proofreading & Editing

Double insurance to put your mind at ease - we can be that second eye to make sure your receive high-quality translations. We will take time to identify possible mistakes, refine the translation wording, double-checking the terminologies and most importantly, tweak the style to best fit the clients’ preference and target text’s purpose.


Whether your need is producing subtitles, translating subtitles or closed captioning, we are here to help. We utilise professional softwares and trained linguists to localise your videos or productions for various purposes. We can handle all kinds of video format and types and are able to produce several kind of subtitle files such as SRT, SBV, SSA. We also have quality assurance in check to make sure our service fully smashed the ‘babel tower’ for your target audience.

Language tutoring

With years of experience teaching Mandarin Chinese both in South East Asia and the UK, we use scientifically developed teaching methods and systems to make your journey to mastering one of the most difficult languages in the world much more fun and cost-effective.

We can provide Mandarin Chinese lessons to all age groups and backgrounds for various purposes:

  • Conversational Chinese

  • Chinese culture and etiquette briefing

  • Business Chinese

  • Chinese for academic purposes

  • HSK Exam tutoring

Chinese Social Media Marketing

When in Rome, do as the romans do. Mainland China has its own exclusive and unique social media system and it is the crucial key to reach the Chines market the majority of Chinese audience. We can help you to create a direct access to the heart of Chinese customers and give you the chance to have direct social media interactions with Chinese people, which will boost your exposure and popularity in Mainland China by massive chance and eventually open up that ‘dragon door’.

Services include:

  • Creating accounts on 2 major Chinese social media platforms (Weibo & WeChat)

  • Routine management of these accounts

  • Material translation & recreation, marketing content writing

  • Attend to quires and messages on these platforms

  • Generate periodical and collective reports on engagements of these social media accounts