Your Bridge to the Far East…


Providing all kinds of Chinese language services including translation, interpreting, subtitling, voiceover, language tutoring as well as tailored Chinese social media marketing.


Global Vision

It is no secret that Chinese investment in the UK and Europe is on the increase, while at the same time China itself is becoming more open to foreign business and investment. SW Language Services aims to provide smooth and productive international and inter-cultural communication.

New Level of Communication

The main challenges of international business and marketing are language and cultural context. We deliver high quality language services combined with expert cultural insights.

Comprehensive Services

SW Language Services offers not only document translation and website localisation, but also interpreting, subtitling, voiceover, language tuition at a personal and corporate level as well as bespoke social media marketing aimed at a Chinese audience.


Behind the Brand

Professional language services done by qualified and experienced personnel

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Trustworthiness is the Key

We are proven to provide satisfying Chinese language services to some major companies and organisations and we would love to continue putting that smile on our clients face